Streaming Events

High Definition Webcasts

Unequaled live webcasting

Year after year DBN Studios invests in research and development in order to achieve the highest quality in live webcasting. Our team is always hard at work surpassing the limits of available technology to get the most vibrant and visually-stunning webcast. We are equipped with the best equipment available and will never compromise to ensure your webcast features the best image detail and a professional look.

For users with limited network connectivity, our technology reduces the video quality progressively so users see the best, most fluid image available on their device.

Features of HD Webcasting

Professional production values

Our experienced webcasting team carefully prepares the setting of the webcast, whether it is in our studio or on location, to achieve the production values of a high definition television program. Sound, lighting and communications are configured to obtain the maximum benefit from high definition streaming.

Presenter notes by screen capture

Integrate Powerpoint presentations, videos, live interactive demonstrations or any other visual support to your presentation. Anything that appears on a screen can be captured and streamed live, while our director makes live edits to keep the subject interesting and personal.

Webcasting from our studio or on location

We have our own fully-equipped studio, conveniently located in downtown Montreal, for urgent or recurring webcasting. We also deploy our team to any city where your event takes place, when events are planned with live audiences.

Rich, Dynamic and Customized Web Front-End

Flexible web access

Every webcast we produce is streamed on a website designed specifically for your content. This can be a simple embedded window in your own website, our multi-functional platform themed with your graphical elements, or even a complex and dynamic website designed by us for your particular event flow and process.

Interact with your web audience

Our web technology and experienced event team makes it simple for your audience to participate in the webcast event. A live interactive form or chat module ensures that your viewers become full participants in the webcast.

Secured webcast

At your preference, the streaming platform can be secured such that only invited participants can watch the event, or participate.

Extended Web Features

Audience analytics

Find out if your goals have been reached by consulting analytical data of audience behavior during and after the webcast.

Streaming on smartphones and tablets

We were amongst the first to adopt mobile streaming technology. Our webcasts can be watched on iPhone, iPad and Android devices using quality-adaptive streaming.

Video-on-demand available rapidly

Our production process allows us to make your webcast available as video-on-demand as soon as the event concludes. Audience members who did not see the live event are able to catch everything that they missed.

Technical support

Webcast audience members have access to a technical support process that helps them validate and verify the compatibility of their device before the webcast begins. Those who cannot resolve an issue can call our technical support hotline for immediate help moments before, or during, the live event.

Live Event Capture Without Streaming is Available

Need to stream a webinar?

Our technology and expertise is perfect for producing webinar events. Visit our online training section for more.

Our latest webcast

Symposium 2012 Nutrition and Health, for Dairy Producers of Canada. A two-day live webcast from Toronto and Montreal, with a complex custom-made web platform, available as video-on-demand.